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Service Design 22: you+care

The care and stress experience is influenced by many different factors. The dementia disease of the loved one also develops very individually and is affected by many unexpected behavioral patterns. This is why it has become all the more important to utilize the individual resources and needs of the stressed caregiver and to build on those.
With access to digital tools and their benefits, you+care aims to develop individual support for caregivers of people with dementia.
There are already plenty of support services and programs out there, but they don't reach those who need them most. For this reason, you+care not only wants to have a connecting effect but wants to guide caregivers by addressing the individual resources and situations and providing support where it is needed most.

Student projects:

HUBTIC makes digital interfaces and services tangible and therefore more accessible.
It reduces the interaction with the tablet screen to a minimum without diminishing the complexity of the possibilities.
By simply placing tokens on the HUB, both the caregiver and the person with dementia can perform actions or call up information, which is important for everyday life.

The service AGING MAP is a browser based application made to inform the seniors about important topics in the third and fourth stage of their lives. It offers a place to store all important personal information in one place.

RESPOSE connects the close circle of a person with dementia regardless of place and time, distribute responsibility according to each caregiver's individual schedule and create certainty about their health condition.

SHARE TO CARE is an app that connects different dementia caregivers. The app enables the implementation of regular digital self-help groups. Our service transfers the rules of such support groups to an online environment and automatically draws attention to them during the conversation.

Guan Arobei, Sandro Beti, Nicola Bischof, Eleonora Bonorva, Micaela Brazerol, Elena De Carlo, Bin Martig, Johannes Reck, Thore Reigber, Réjane Schrago, Miguel Seabra, Janosch Tillich, Daniel Treystman, Silvan Weber, Nadia Westermann, Fabrizio Willi

Lectures ZHdK:
Florian Wille, Nicole Foelsterl, Prof. Jürgen Späth, Nadine Cocina

Collaboration Partner
Samuel Wehrli (PhD Physics ETHZ, Head of Network Digitalization and Social Work of ZHAW)
Barbara Baumeister (dipl. psych. FH, gerontopsychologist, project leader and lecturer at the Department of Social Work of ZHAW)
Patrick Hofer from We+Tech and Pro Aidants (the association for coordinating the concerns of caregivers of people in need of help and care)

Kurs 2022
Service Design 22: you+care
«Hubtic» by Sandro Beti, Nicola Bischof, Micaela Brazerol, Thore Reigber
Service Design 22: you+care
«Aging App» by Bin Martig, Daniel Treystman, Eleonora Bonorva, Fabrizio Willi
Service Design 22: you+care
«repose» by Miguel Seabra, Réjane Schrago, Janosch Tillich, Nadia Westermann
Service Design 22: you+care
«Share To Care» by Elena De Carlo, Guan Arobei, Johannes Reck, Silvan Weber