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Digit Soil Membrane-Soil-Interface

Investigation of a novel membrane-soil-interface's critical features for Digit Soil’s monitoring device

Soil is a precious limited resource providing us with food and clean water. It is also a main actor that drives the planetary ecosystem. But soil health is in decline, posing challenges for our environment and our society.

Together with Digit Soil AG, we are developing a novel soil interface to monitor, maintain and restore soil health. Digit Soil AG developed a novel sensor that consist of a material membrane and an integrated reader. The material reacts to soil enzyme activity in-situ.

Our goal in this pilot study is to asses the feasibility of such material-based human-soil-interface and its use in the field.
Various prototypes will be developed and iterated on to investigate the core question if a material membrane is suitable for different types of soils and soil textures. Furthermore, we will identify further research directions and possible guidelines for in-field use. This project also paves the way for designers and artists to interface the microbial in the field, rather than in the lab.


Cooperation Partner


  • 01.04.2022 – 01.08.2022


  • Innosuisse - Schweizerische Agentur für Innovationsförderung

Forschung 2022
Digit Soil Membrane-Soil-Interface
Digit Soil Membrane-Soil-Interface
Digit Soil Membrane-Soil-Interface
Digit Soil Membrane-Soil-Interface