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Cellular Engine

Our goal throughout the module was producing 3D models that can be generated in a ‘Growth & Move Program’. We had an idea to make a cellular growth system mixed with blender program, so that we can use the me- ta-balls for our initial cells. We worked with the computer language Python to do that.

The transformation should show a growth made up out of meta-objects from it‘s infancy state, i.e. the larvae form or a single cell into a growing and thriving organism. Since it‘s suppose to be replicating growth in nature and everything in nature is always influnced by it‘s environment we introduced some randomeness to the whole process as well. We hope to be creating intersting structures and forms through natural growth patterns while being able to show how cells work (in a very simplified way for mitosis and expansion)

Finally, we could figure out the way to program our cells and could test out our first 3d model created with the program. Based on this model, the next step for us was to make a series of appealing models as our final forms for the Zoetrope.

Aurelian Ammon, Carlo Natter, Ju-Young Yi & Tobias Dupuch
Kursprojekt 2017

Mentors: Luke Franzke & Clemens Winkler

Cellular Engine
Cellular Engine