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NetStepper2 wireless motion controller

The NetStepper2 is a wireless motion controller, that allows students to easily build networked mechatronic prototypes. The NetStepper2 was developed for a one day workshop with FHNW Architecture master students, and paired with a, motion sensors and a stepper-motor winch.

The motivation of this workshop was to provide a hands-on insight into the fields of Physical Computing and Embodied Interaction. Students were tasked with building interactive morphing cardboard structures using the NetStepper2 kit. The inspiration for this experiment was loosely based on Cedric Price's Fun Palace, with the aim to explore the transformability of a space using digital tools.

Details of the NetStepper2 along with schematics and pcb files for reproduction can be found on github.

Joël Gähwiler & Luke Franzke
Forschung 2018