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Less Screens, More Objects!

Prototyping Networked Objects for the Internet of Things

By 2020, fifty billion digital devices will be interconnected, and form the so-­called “Internet of Things”. The digital experience that once shifted from the computer to the mobile device shifts again into digital objects that sense and act upon the physical space. Smart thermostats, locks, light bulbs and moisture sensors that are already on the shelves of electronic stores give us a glimpse into such a future. Yet we are just at the very beginning of an ongoing development.

This project explores the Internet of Things with the aim of making it more accessible for designers. A conceptual framework, a design method, and a tool that facilitates the rapid ­prototyping of networked objects lay the foundation that allows designers to investigate the interconnected future through prototyping-networked experiences.

Joel Gähwiler
Masterarbeit 2015

Mentors: Björn Franke, Karmen Franinović

Less Screens, More Objects!
Less Screens, More Objects!