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A plugin for video call softwares, which supports the presenting person by ambient sound

The project «DASEIN» tries to reduce the lack of feedback from your audience during online presentations. To do this the attention state of the listeners is getting tracked and translated into an ambient sound. The calculations are done by measuring four indicators:

  • the face orientation

  • increasing nervous head movement

  • speaking / movement of mouth

  • the absence of the head

All those factors are collected from each listener and influence the ambient sound in a unique way. The presenter recognises the different sound shapes and can therefore tell whether the audience is concentrated or not. In the process we created different base ambient sounds and tested if they distract the presenter. Furthermore the tones had to be distinctive enough to detect a change. During the user testings we learnt that it is remarkable how fast the presenter learns the association of different sounds with actions.

The project was created in the module Sonic Interaction. The task was to tackle problems with sound that arise during remote work situations.

Lecturer: Matthias Kappeler
Teaching assistant: Marcial Koch
Students: Alec Nikolov, Alessia Wiss, David Wollschlegel and Sonia Tao

Project documentation (PDF)

Kursprojekt 2021
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