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Urban Desserts

How can interactive sonic objects promote a more positive perception of urban non-places and foster social interaction?

The scope of this project was the research about the perception of urban non-spaces in conjunction to sound. Through combining techniques from the fields of Interaction-Design and Sound-Design the visitors (passers-by) are confronted with an interactive sound installation which changes our perception of the surrounding space. This enables a more conscious view of urban space which heightens the sense of security within such environments and fosters social interaction.

Through the objects, passers by not only perceive the space in the here and now but they are also enabled to look at the bigger picture.

They can hear what happened at that space at different moments in time. What did others perceive?

Furthermore, by distributing the objects over a bigger area one create an interconnected sonic space.

The objects are autonomous regarding power and connectivity. Therefore they can be distributed at almost any place. This also creates the possibility to use them as an open Lab in urban space.

The sonic qualities of a space can be researched and ideas to change those qualities can be evaluated with the people and at the chosen space. Which might form a starting point for urban designers architects and city planners.

Simon Peter Pfaff
Master-Thesis 2014

Mentors: Karmen Franinovic, Björn Franke, Andres Bosshard

Urban Desserts
Urban Desserts