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Becoming Neighbours

How to foster a sense of belonging in a neighbourhood community

Oerlikon, a quarter in Zurich is hosting 250 refugees in the "Halle 9" Asylum Center. Just across the street is a small neighbourhood called Neudorf-Siedlung. However, despite their proximity, there is little social cohesion. We set out to find ways for the local residents to meet and get to know each other. A shared garden was a possible answer. For this project we developed a toolkit that can be extended to other scenarios.

Press reports:
Tagesanzeiger (01.07.2017)
Hochparterre (11.07.2017)
Facebook Stadt Zürich (18.07.2017)
Limmattaler Zeitung (26.07.2017)
Kulturplatz (TV feature, 06.09.2017)

Lea Planzer, Sandro Poli
Bachelor-Thesis 2017

Mentors: Joëlle Bitton, Verena Ziegler

Becoming Neighbours