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Entangled Environments PhD group

This PhD group aims for resilient design and art practices dealing with the challenges of the Anthropocene. Our approach is grounded in fieldwork, experimentation and prototyping, often in alliance with humanities, engineering and environmental sciences. The focus is on embodied experiences of interaction within ecosystems and material transformation processes. Our PhD candidates participate in Transdisciplinary Artistic PhD program and PhD in Design activites.

PhD candidates
Luke Franzke, Project «Oral Digital»
Nomi Sasaki, Project «DATA-TATA»
Rasa Weber, Project «Symbiocean»

Anthea Oestreicher, Project «Plant Drifters»
Emily Grooves, Project «Culture cultures»
Robertina Šebjanič, «The Multispecies Sensorium and Communication in the Age of the Aquatocene»

PhD supervision: Prof. Dr. Karmen Franinovic, DDr. Joelle Bitton, Dr. Phil. Roman Kirschner, Prof. Dr. Karin Harasser, Prof. Dr. Manuela Naveau, Prof. Dr. Martin Kaltenbrunner