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Lauf der Dinge

This was the final project of the "Embodied Interaction Design Basics" course, where students learned the basics of Physical Computing. Every student had to build a component of a "Lauf der Dinge" which was introduced by Fischli/Weiss as an art film (1987). The concept of "Lauf der Dinge" is to build a long causal chain assembled of everyday objects interacting with each other. In the course the students built various closed modules – able to perform one specific task – with the ability to accept input from the previous and sending a signal to the succeeding module.

Joël Gähwiler, Yves Gugger, Eddi Lecesne, Dominik Stucky, Fabian Troxler, Thomas Wild, Diego Martinez, Eva Seliner, Fabian Schweiwiller, Michael Zimmermann, Nina Schwager van Dok, Patrick Pandolfo, Rafael Schneider.
Course-Project 2013

Mentors: Moritz Kemper