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The ZHdK is interested in the informal exchanges between people and institutions to push learning processes outside of the conventional classroom. In addition to learning, informal exchanges foster interdisciplinarity and professional networks. From this background, the ZHdK launched a number of projects starting in 2011 under the title "Orte des Informellen" or Places of the informal. The projects deal with the new Toni-Areal building, and how it can be used as a platform for innovation, promotion of informal learning and interdisciplinary exchange.

In this context, the HyperAura installation employs new technologies to promote exchange between students, lecturers and staff in the Toni-Areal. By linking the digital media archive of the ZHdK to an analogue space, a new public platform was created for the sharing and exchange of projects, events and ideas. Recent content from various social media channels also provide insight into the life and work at the ZHdK while promoting active discourse of current events within the school. Since HyperAura is a modular and open system, it allows all ZHdK members 'hijack' it for various content and goals. According to the basic attitude of the "Orte des Informellen" project, the system provides a public platform freely accessible by all ZHdK members.

To view your own content on the HyperAura we recommend all ZHdK members (students, teachers and researchers) to have a look at the tutorial for HyperAura in the media archive.

Project directors: Hansuli Matter and Karmen Franinovic (2012-2013)

Project head: Moritz Kemper

Researchers: Simon Pfaff

Funding: ZHdK (2013-) and 3f Stiftung (2012-2013)

Research 2012