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geometry of thinking

SHIFT* revolves around the work and thought of Buckminster Fuller. His views on global issues and ways of thinking provide the basis for structuring the information and interaction of this project. The result is a ‚thinking tool‘ that challenges our views of today‘s world by using the advantages of a portable device to explore his thought from different angles and experience his work from various facets of his personality. The content is systematically positioned in a three dimensional space created by augmented reality provided by a portable device and visualized on a physical platform. The user can navigate through this information by moving the tablet in three dimensions and thereby access the game-based levels of information. The interactions focus on the portability of the device and gets by without a single push of a button. It is an analysis of a persons work and thought that links an appropriate system for information with meaningful interactions that could be used in other areas of application or types of exhibitions. This exploration of using a portable device for navigating content, including the context of events, could be extended and the game-based mechanics could be adapted to other systems of complex data.

Dominik Stucky
Bachelor-Thesis 2014

Mentors: Jürgen Späth, Björn Franke