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Breath of Shade

A sunshade of moving patterns that create a restful atmosphere with the aid of sunlight.

Imagine you‘re relaxing under a tree and the sun shines through the leaves. Creating a pattern of moving shadows around you. You can lose yourself in the silence.

The new toni building is a school with a lot of open rooms. Most of the students have to sit near the other with several classes in one room. There is to less space for relaxation and reload themselves. For getting more light into the middle of the building, there are light shafts with big galleries. This is the place where we believe you will have most calm. Because of the industrial felling in these shafts, we will bring nature inside. During the day, the installation brings natural shadows into these shafts, like you would lie under a tree and the sun shines through the leaves. At night, the pattern turns into a natural light and turns the shaft silent, ambient. The whole pattern is moved by just one servo. All steel ropes are connected with the servo. For a natural movement every steel rope is redirect by a intelligent system. The light ambient is made with EL paper witch is stuck by to peace of paper.

Marc Schneider, Joachim Hummel, Felix Spuhler
Course-Project 2012

Mentors: Karmen Franinovic and Luke Franzke
Guest Mentors: Marcelo Coelho and Dana Gordon

Breath of Shade