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Blofeld’s Cat

Explorations of the Visual Materiality of Holograms

Can physical properties and behaviours be visualized, in order to achieve a more natural feeling of interaction with holograms? Digital artefacts that merge with our physically present environment, and are detached from classical displays, imply a certain inherent but non-existent materiality. This thesis explores the incongruence between the visually perceived materiality and the physical absences of holograms. It shows how material properties of real-world objects could be simulated visually in holograms in order to increase a more natural feeling of interaction. This has been achieved by a material synthesizer that can generate various holographic materials, which makes it possible to investigate the visual materiality of holograms. The results are presented in a fictional scenario that includes prototypical holographic office toys for malicious and megalomaniac corporate overlords.

Jonas Shriqui
Master-Thesis 2018

Mentors: Björn Franke & Max Rheiner

Blofeld’s Cat
Holographic Desk Globe
Holographic Desk Puppet
Holographic Stress Relief Ball
Exhibition View
Exhibition View
Holographic Office Toys for Corporate Overlords