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A web platform that connects ­generations

How could intergenerational exchange be promoted, whilst preserving the knowledge of those over 63 years of age?

The demography of Switzerland is shifting. The Federal Statistical Office forecasts that by 2060, approximately 30% of the population will be older than 65 (medium scenario). This demographic shift increases the significance of intergenerational exchange and raises the question of how to deal with the experience, knowledge and skills of seniors in the future. By designing the web platform “obugoo”, this work explores how to foster and strengthen the exchange between generations, as well as the impact of this exchange on the people involved. “Obugoo” unearths diverse types of knowledge of people over 63 and makes it more readily available to society.

Yves Gugger
Master-Thesis 2015

Mentors: Jürgen Späth, Björn Franke