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When a landslide is imminent

Knowledge Visualization

The diploma project “Bergdrama” by Elena Kaeser, graduate of subject area “Knowledge Visualization”, is featured in Hochparterre magazine. In her diploma thesis, Elena Kaeser developed a 3-D animation of a potential landslide. Her goal is to make the consequences of alpine natural disasters tangible.

In the Alps today, natural disasters such as landslides, floods and avalanches are becoming more frequent and pose a danger to both the local population and tourists. A current example is the “Spitze Stei” formation above Kandersteg, where the rock slope is considered unstable and represents a potential alpine natural hazard.

Elena Kaeser’s 3-D animation visualised one of several possible landslide scenarios to raise awareness of these dangers. The project “Bergdrama” shows how design can be used to make complex topics tangible and understandable.

Read more about Elena Kaeser and her diploma project in the Hochparterre magazine. Elena Kaeser is also part of “Showcase Design 2023”. You can find more exciting background information about her project on the Showcase Design website.

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Visualisation of the diploma project «Bergdrama». © ZHdK.
Visualisation of the diploma project «Bergdrama». © ZHdK.