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Object Experience

Designing experience with physical objects

In this course, we explore how the choices of form and material affect our senses and interactions. Perceptual approaches to design consider form as something that affords a sensory/­motor experience. We combine such approaches with traditional product design methods such as sketching of object's geometrical form and constructing physical prototypes. We use simple materials such as paper and foam to explore the potential of the three­dimensional forms. Students learn how to study and design physical objects that trigger a sensory experiences.

  • Design Affordances
  • Sketching for Interaction Designers: Objects and their Use, Storytelling and Storyboards, Technical Drawing (Section, Plan, Axonometric drawing, Perspective)
  • Patterning > Paper modelling
  • Interactive Product Photography basics
  • Product Design Werkstatt Introduction, Z­Tech course (laser­cutting etc.)
  • Concept and design of tangible interactive prototype (Sketching, Photo Series, Text)
Object Experience