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Call for Applications | ifk Summer Academy 2024 | 02 – 11 September, Brijuni, Croatia

ifk Summer Academy 2024:
Non-Aligned Movements

02 – 11 September 2024, Brijuni, Croatia

We are excited to share the upcoming ifk Summer Academy 2024 with Karmen Franinović & Roman Kirschner, Tim Ingold, Goran Sergej & Nikolina Pristaš, Natan Sznaider and Monika Wulz
Taking place on the island of Brijuni, Croatia, the Summer Academy will approach the topic of non-aligned movements from a historical and political perspective by sounding out the decolonial non-aligned movement of the post-war period. A fantastic opportunity and space for both academic and artistic research.

Selected participants will receive a scholarship from the ifk, which includes accommodation in 2–4 bedrooms, meals (excl. drinks) and the working documents (digital). Travel costs are to be paid by the participants themselves.

Application & Detailed Information

➡️ More information and application here
Deadline: 28 April 2024


Karmen Franinović and Roman Kirschner (Zurich/Vienna: artistic research, media art, design)
Tim Ingold (Aberdeen: anthropology)
Goran Sergej and Nikolina Pristaš (Zagreb: dance, dramaturgy)
Natan Sznaider (Tel Aviv: sociology, memory politics)
Monika Wulz (Zurich: history and philosophy of science)

Preliminary schedule

Days 1-3, Arrival, getting to know the islands, getting to know the individual PhD projects
Days 4-6, Work within the sections
Day 7, Day off, individual activities
Days 8-9, Work in plenary situations with all participants
Day 10, Departure

Call for Applications | ifk Summer Academy 2024 | 02 – 11 September, Brijuni, Croatia