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Design with social impact - Symposium 16.02.2018

Agriculture, Food, Consumerism in Kenya. Talk with Nicole Foelsterl, Lecturer Interaction Design ZHdK.
Zurich University of the Arts, Toni Campus, 15:15.

The potential of design for social development processes is widely unknown. As part of the two-and-a-half years, interdisciplinary and intercultural "Design with social impact" project, we present how design knowledge and -methods can be meaningfully and purposefully used for local- and social development processes.

In collaboration with two partner universities from Macedonia and Kenya and two Swiss NGO's, practiceprojects integrating local communities were conducted out as part of the design education. This half-day symposium shows what design thinking and -acting can achieve in social and economic contexts, and presents the lessons learned and outcomes. The symposium also provides an opportunity to discuss, to network and share ideas. Parts of the symposium will be held in English.

Please register until January 26th:
The seats are limited, participation is free, the room will be announced with the confirmation.
Place: ZHdK, Toni Campus

More information concerning the project and the participating organisations and persons.

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Design with social impact