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Gold, Silver + Recognition @ aed Neuland

We congratulate our students and alumni on their success at this year's aed Neuland. Three projects from our subject area are among the winners:

Journey to Recovery (Gold)

Authors: Claudia Buck, Randy Chen
Supervision: Dr. Joëlle Bitton, Verena Ziegler
Journey to Recovery (IAD Website)

Jury statement:
In «Journey to Recovery», Claudia Buck and Randy Chen have addressed the issue of how children can be motivated and accompanied in sleep therapy through digital therapy enhancements. therapy can be motivated and accompanied. The jury honoured the underlying process of this work, in which the various stakeholders and the target group themselves were involved in the development. were involved in the development. The resulting artefact shows in a refreshing way that innovative technologies in the context of therapy for children can be a useful addition to existing therapy approaches. can be.

Above and Below (Silver)

Authors: Sonia Tao, Celina Springer
Supervision: Marcial Koch, Prof. Jürgen Späth
Above and Below (Vimeo)

Jury statement:
The project team of the submission "Above and Below" has dealt with a very relevant international topic and presents a very successful processing, visualisation and interactive communication of complex data and content. interactive communication of complex data and content. The jury was very impressed by the form of interaction and the visual quality of the project. The simplicity of the representations, the playful The simplicity of the presentations, the playful mediation of the contents and the intuitive user guidance make the handling of the data very intuitive, appealing and self-explanatory. They invite exploration and further exploration and further engagement with the content.

Hearo (Recognition)

Author: Marcial Koch
Supervision: Prof. Dr. Karmen Franinovic, Luke Franzke, Kaspar König
Hearo (IAD Website)

Jury statement:
«Hearo» is a toolkit for exploring one's own acoustic spatial perception. The jury praised both the experimental approach and the technical execution of this particular project.

Gold, Silver + Recognition @ aed Neuland
Gold, Silver + Recognition @ aed Neuland
Gold, Silver + Recognition @ aed Neuland