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Patent granted: «Detecting and Evaluating Movements of a User»

We are proud to announce that after six years of research on the wearable system that supports everyday arm
rehabilitation for stroke patients, we received the patent that validates this novel device.

The project started with the BA project «Arm Coach» by S. Bauer and D. Meier. The startup «yband therapy» is
working on bringing this important interactive product to the market, while in the ISEAR research project we are conducting UX and clinical studies with stroke patients to perfect the user experience and reveal new scientific findings.

Further information concerning the patent:

K. Franinović, D. Meier, S. Bauer, R. Gassert, Y. Kim, K. Leuenberger, A. Luft, J. Held and S. Latscha. Detecting and Evaluating Movements of a User. WO 2017/032765. 2017. Available here.