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Florian Wille || Talk: Designing for Humans – Methods of Human Centred Design || 28.03.2018

Talk at OpenIdea, FH Vorarlberg, Dornbirn (A)

_Wed 28.03.2018

Creative work is often believed to be solely based on inspiration as opposed to methodical processes. Design methods are crucial if we are to successfully create experiences that are tailored to humans needs, address multifaceted environments, as well as being comprehensible to clients and stakeholders. The role of designers has changed significantly throughout the past decades. The fields of ethnography and psychology have heavily influenced the way we conduct our research and test products. Agile processes within designing and prototyping are inspired by software developers.

IAD lecturer Florian Wille will share his take on research, prototyping and testing methods, using the development of a robotic agent for the elderly as an example - thus making the case that methodical and creative processes are not mutually exclusive.