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NEBULOSUS at Design Biennale Zurich

4 September 18:00 – 02:00
During the Langen Nacht der Zürcher Museen, visitors can interact with the installation.
(The installation will be visible after sunset, from about 20:00).

«NEBULOSUS» defines a spatial area. However, its extension is boundless, its shape varies and is dependent on climatic conditions. But «NEBULOSUS» is also a window to a different kind of world. During the day, soft clouds of mist appear, behaving and moving according to their surroundings. Light, shadow, nature and the cloud create an unreal experience. At the Langen Nacht der Zürcher Museen on 4 September, a new reality emerges, creating a different appearance. A swarm of iridescent dots emerges, these shapes react to the visitors' movements. The clash between the real and the digital world is subtle, almost intangible. At the same time, the garden with its unpredictable light moods, wind patterns, humidity, temperature, gravity as well as the number of visitors, will shape the cloud and interaction in reality. Despite the warm conditions of an August summer in Zurich, being enveloped in water vapour is a challenging, cooling and also imaginative experience. Visitors become part of an installation and experience this area of the garden in an unexpected way. Visitors are invited to reflect on the transience of life. Where is the boundary between the artificial garden, the artificial cloud and reality?

The work was created by Stella Speziali, research assistant in interaction design, and Alexander Wolhoff, architect and founder of AUTHOS.

Design Biennale Zürich

NEBULOSUS at Design Biennale Zurich
NEBULOSUS at Design Biennale Zurich