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Interview about the diploma project “Shnosh – Identity Shipi” in Annabelle magazine

Cast / Audiovisual Media

Dafina “Duffeyz” Hajdari successfully completed her Bachelor’s degree in Cast / Audiovisual Media this summer. Her diploma project “Shnosh – Identity Shipi” deals with the position of Albanian secondos in Swiss society.

In an interview with Annabelle Magazin, Duffeyz gives insight into her personal motivations for creating her project. During the research and production, it was important to her to raise the voices of the Albanian secondos. The conducted interviews, the collected reports and the well-founded facts shed light on the challenges and desires of the Albanian community in Switzerland.

With her diploma project, Duffeyz has initiated a significant discussion on intercultural relations and identity in Switzerland. The work is accessible in form of videos on the Instagram account @shnosh.identitaet.shipi.

The full interview with Duffeyz is now available to read in Annabelle magazine.

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Cover of “Shnosh – Identity Shipi”. © ZHdK.
Cover of “Shnosh – Identity Shipi”. © ZHdK.