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Dandelion Method

A Proposed Design Method That Fuses Intersectional Feminist Values into Daily and Tangible Design Habits

In nature, dandelions spread both themselves and their community structure. They manifest their essential quality of detoxifying their grounds. Like a dandelion, our proposed method, is a collection of design habits that intuitively incorporates intersectional feminist values in the community. Giving us a chance to train our creativity in a mindful manner in a day-to-day scope.

What does true feminist design mean? Does it exist? Can it?

Evidently the current design culture, stemming from western patriarchy constructs, not only favors certain genders but dismisses the intersectionality of our complex identities as playing no role in the discrimination. Therefore, intersectional feminism is central in expanding our creativity beyond the constraints of this malestream. The dandelion approach intuitively sets the ground for intersectional feminist values in design and tackles the current disconnect of feminism and design, one method at a time.

Authors: Yao Liu & Shafira Nugroho

Mentors: Dr. Joëlle Bitton, Stella Speziali & Prof. Jürgen Späth



BA Thesis: Dandelion Method