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Dialoguing with Ecologies

Exploring forms of dialogue with the ecology of bark in an interspecies design process

In an interspecies design process, the Dialoguing with Ecologies Group has created multiple conversation tools enabling different forms of dialoguing with the ecology of living bark. These tools start a long term dialogue with the organism that evolves over time. Besides the concept of nature’s time, we have also examined the intelligent interactions between the species living on this substrate. At the end stands the Organic Gate, our attempt at establishing this long term dialogue. It lets humans pose questions and automatically transmit them to the ecology through a digital interface. The Organic Gate offers a thought provoking possibility of human-nature dialogue and an opportunity to reflect on the value we give to our natural environment.

Authors: Andreas Bütler & Fabian Frey

Mentors: Prof. Dr. Karmen Franinovic, Luke Franzke & Dr. Roman Kirschner



BA Thesis: Dialoguing with Ecologies