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Faketual Reality

A Declaration of the Synthetic Future

Built upon the architecture of the human brain, the neural-based nature of machine learning offers intricate manners of algorithmic manipulation of the moral and political attitudes of humans. The usage of synthetic media becomes more prevalent in moderating digital environments where users interact with content that is tailored to feed their biases and judgements. This research investigates the understanding of «fake» and «real» in correlation with the growing ability of synthetic media, particularly deepfakes, in predicting and influencing the facts. It aims to explain the formation of individual and collective (false) memories through the usage of sophisticated algorithms of social manipulation.

Author: Paulina Zybinska

Mentors: Dr. Björn Franke, Max Rheiner & Florian Bruggisser

Cooperation partner: Alessia Paccagnella, Media Technology Center ETH Zürich