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A social anti social media platform

Personendepot is a social anti-social media platform with no likes, no comment sections, no followers. Nonetheless, it is the most personal platform.
Our platform Personendepot empowers you to get closer to strangers by sharing unique glimpses into your private life. You yourself decide which privat insights you want to share. The result is an extensive collection of personal stories that can be viewed publicly. This accessible and open way enables a feeling of connection without actually being connected. Browsing through the collection inevitably leads to self-reflection and a sense of belonging. What would you share in an anonymous space? Show your life that doesn't fit into the regular social media world on

Authors: Lilian Lopez, Sonjoi Nielsen & Yangzom Sharlhey

Mentors: Mona Neubauer, Dr. Roman Kirschner & Prof. Dr. Karmen Franinović



BA Thesis: Personendepot