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Living with an Exoskeleton

Creating motivational structures for patients who train with an exoskeleton

We created motivational structures helping patients to train at home with Myosuit, an exoskeleton developed by Myoswiss and aiming to support people suffering from weak leg muscles. Patients are normally challenged to keep up their motivation during everyday life, where they encounter medical setbacks and stressful daily routines. The project «Living with an Exoskeleton» helps patients create a structure which brings the Myosuit training into their daily life. Patients can bind their exercises onto existing habits, set up training with other patients and develop a visualisation of how they want to feel while training. Our mobile application aims to ensure that Myosuit becomes an integral part of their life.

Authors: Mara Weber & Michelle Schmid

Mentors: Prof. Jürgen Späth, Florian Bruggisser, Prof. Dr. Karmen Franinovic & Gleb Koginov

Cooperation partner: MyoSwiss



BA Thesis: Living with an Exoskeleton