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Reactivation of spaces

«d’Bühni» is a portable and modular stage system, developed through user-centred design. Thanks to a flexible and integrated system, performances can not only be brought closer to the audience but also adapted to new environments. But d’Bühni is more than just a surface for a performance to take place, it's a tool for artists from the fields of music, dance and theatre to explore the creative potential of public spaces: it breaks up the familiar perception and usage of these spaces and repurposes them into places for entertainment and artistic expression. The simple modular construction reduces logistics and setup time while enabling mobile transport of performances to new and unexpected places.

Author: Pascal Jeker

Mentors: Prof. Dr. Karmen Franinovic, Luke Franzke & Mona Neubauer


Website:, Instagram

BA Thesis: d'Bühni