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Yeast Buddy

Tasting Human Computer Interaction with personal yeast cultures

Coming from a family of traditional winemakers, I try to connect this brewing heritage with modern interaction design principles. In winemaking «Terroir» describes the totality of outside influences which shape the final taste of the product. This idea of „hyper locality“ includes parameters such as exact topography, soil composition, microclimate, types of yeast used and so forth.
Consequently I try to establish a «Human-Phone Terroir» where the unique relationship of each individual and their phone is translated into taste and smell.

This is achieved by the yeast buddy, a small wooden phone attachment inspired by Scandinavian traditions of using yeast rings for recurring fermentation preceding commercial yeast times.
The individual and their fungal companion form a symbiotic relationship where they adhere and adapt to their common dynamic environment.

Author: Andreas Fürer

Mentors: Dr. Joëlle Bitton, Stella Speziali & Prof. Jürgen Späth