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A 24/7 on-demand renting service that makes power tools accessible through knowledge

Currently, there is no convenient alternative to get professionally serviced power tools for people in the city except to purchase them. Bosch is working towards addressing this problem by proposing an on-demand renting service of power tools. This project explores a novel user experience and further possibilities to build upon this concept. Our hypothesis is that people want resources that support them in the selection and usage of tools. By following a human-centered approach and involving our user groups in the process, we confirmed the need for support through community and tutorials. Our goal through our design is to make tools more accessible to notably more people by providing relevant knowledge.

Autors: Paméla Schmidinger & Tamara Trabucco

Mentors: Prof. Jürgen Späth, Florian Bruggisser & Mona Neubauer

Cooperation partner: Bosch Switzerland - Purpose Team New Business Department for Power Tools


BA Thesis: Tuuls