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The Weight of Their Words

An Exploration of Personal Memories of Words That Have Been Said to Us

Either positive or negative, some sentences, words or remarks you hear, stay in your memory. Because this is such an abstract and personal phenomenon, I chose to use an ontological metaphor to talk about my explorations of this subject. More specifically: Botanical metaphors is the «language» I choose to use.

Each of those wordly memories behave like a seed, growing their roots in your mind. The more you think about it - the more they might grow. Some end up becoming beautiful plants that are hard to find, while others are like weeds: they multiply and take too much space.

In my master project, I also explore patterns within myself and ways to share them with others through an interactive installation and 3D visuals.

Authors: Hanh-Dung Nguyen
Mentors: Karmen Franinović & Roman Kirschner
MA Thesis: The Weight of Their Words