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Art has dramatically changed since Duchamp’s «The Fountain» (1917), where the line between a good and a modern artwork has been blurred. Since Duchamp, we've known that anything can be exhibited and recognized as an artwork. However, the difference is not in the perception of the viewer. To value a non-functional work as something higher entirely reflects the consciousness of the dominant class. Modern art as a non-functional creation becomes a symbol of power.

The questions of how art institutions and people within tackle exclusivity, whether culturally marginalized groups exist and why they exist are explored in this work. As a contemporary critique, «Bouncer» deals with exclusivity in modern art through a tongue-in-cheek art performance. The performance appears as a bouncer at the entrance of the art space, controlling visitors before entering thus provoking an unsettling experience.

Authors: Aathmigan Jegatheeswaran
Mentors: Roman Kirschner & Mona Neubauer
BA Thesis: Bouncer