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Translating Ambient Air Data Into Salient Emotional Design for Individual and Societal Awareness

Imperceptible elements surround us. From diseases and viruses to natural elements such as air; we cannot see such phenomena directly. As a result, we are taught that our ecosystem consists of imperceptible threats. An invisible threat such as air pollution is an example of this imperceptible danger. We can process such information logically, but it is still hard to perceive it in a more intuitive, sensory, and emotional manner. This project aims to translate ambient data into an emotional experience for individuals and communities, hoping to trigger societal awareness.

«Pagoda.tmos» consists of three interactive sculptures with natural interfaces. Interfaces that prompt modalities rather than representing information numerically. Each sculpture collects real-time ambient data and represents them through bio-reactive material transformation, kinetic motion and sound production. These ambient pagodas aim for viewers to have a moment of contemplation, reflection, unification, and enlightenment for a resounding experience.

Authors: Jooin Shin
Mentors: Karmen Franinović & Joëlle Bitton
MA Thesis: Pagoda.tmos