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Getting Better Can Be Fun, with Akina

Approximately 1.71 billion people have musculoskeletal conditions worldwide. To solve this problem, at-home physical therapy has been used as an effective treatment and rehabilitation. However, long term therapy on a daily or weekly basis is a great motivation challenge. I use several motivating concepts to provide additional options and personalised affordances to motivate individuals on a daily and long-term basis. I suggest several incentive tactics and strategies that can be employed in rehabilitation with this thesis and practice project. By using various experiments, design methodologies, and substantial research, I investigate several proposals to improve patient motivation during at-home physical treatment. The user can operate video games, interactive stories, and social media while performing therapeutic movements using a revolutionary technology connected to this application. This gamified interaction attempts to boost motivation for daily use while also assisting with self-perception of movement and progress.

Authors: Mai Watanabe
Mentors: Jürgen Späth & Paulina Zybinska
Cooperation partner: Akina
BA Thesis: Akina