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Rebecca Morganti-Pfaffhauser

Rebecca Morganti-Pfaffhauser

Visiting lecturer

Rebecca Morganti is a lecturer in the Department of Design. In the specialization Interaction Design she teaches Visual Communication.

She studied Visual Communication at the University of Art and Design Zurich and received the international Walter Tiemann Award for her diploma thesis "TIFKATA" (the imagery formerly known as the alphabet), which she realized in collaboration with Daniela Mirabella. From 2006-2008 she worked in Shanghai as a cultural mediator in the fields of typography, graphics and design and together with Kamwah Chan, conceived the corporate design and the products of World Traveller Media China.

She is co-founder of the graphic design firm Mirabella-Morganti, which is active at the interface of culture, art and education. The works of Mirabella-Morganti have already been nominated and awarded several times.