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Graphical User Interface

Design and prototyping graphical user interfaces.

Students first learn about different design methods for developing a graphical user interfaces such as interviews, personas, scenarios, prototyping and usability testing. Students also acquire knowledge and practical experience in programming with the established web technologies of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

A study of an existing graphical user interface is undertaken through surveys of users, to gain insights about their behavior, their problems and wishes. In order to better understand the different user groups, personas are created. The functionalities of the application are then specified using different use cases. Wireframes define the basic framework of the interface. The graphical surface is then designed via wireframing. Subspaces are implemented prototypically to be used for a simple usability test.

For the implementation, the students learn how to handle web technologies HTML and CSS, which allow the writing and formatting of static web pages. Basic knowledge of programming with javascript and the well-known jQuery library will also be developed. By means of dynamically switching content, together with user interface controls, the first static websites are expanded into interactive user interfaces.

Lecturer: Jürgen Späth

Graphical User Interface