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Journey to Recovery

Making sleep therapy more motivating, entertaining and informative for children

Sleep and recovery go hand in hand. With the intention of improving the quality of children’s sleep, a sleep device that requires to be worn every evening has been developed using sound. Despite its health benefits, the sleep therapy is often abandoned by the children as it proceeds due to its repetitiveness and tediousness.

«Journey to Recovery» is a playful approach that combines by means of a companion app the sleep therapy with a captivating story. With it the children can experience a narrative chapter every evening and learn something new about sleep in the morning.

On their journey to recovery, the children thereby enjoy an experience which motivates, entertains and informs them.

Author: Claudia Buck & Randy Chen

Mentors: Dr. Joëlle Bitton & Verena Ziegler



Cooperation Partner: SleepLoop

BA Thesis: Journey to Recovery

*Awarded with Förderpreis ZHdK

*Awarded with SDA-Award