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Diploma 2020

As design and interaction experts, Interaction Design alumni take on groundbreaking roles in a variety of contexts. They are creative, curious and innovative talents, prepared to shape our collective future while responding to the inexorable progression of new technology. During their studies, they have performed user experience studies and fieldwork, engaged in social and technological critique, and developed interactive objects, materials and environments. They have designed digital products and systems, VR/AR systems, mobile computing and social media platforms and developed their own research-oriented projects.

The months preceding the Degree Show 2020 were marked by a pandemic lockdown and felt both infinitely long and incredibly short. Isolated, but connected, we spent them collectively attuning to our new digital work/study reality and individually uncovering the possibilities offered by our most immediate surroundings. Unexpectedly launched into this new cosmos, Interaction Design graduates conceptualised and developed an amazingly rich range of projects. Loaded with an extra bag of issues, they overcame the most unpredictable personal and design hurdles, which made their resilience, generosity, knowledge and creativity shine all the greater.

The results of this work are the final BA and MA Diploma projects gathered in this website. The projects are the witness of their independence and professionalism as designers, and the many methods, concepts and skills learned over the course of our six-semester BA, or three-semester MA programs. Our IAD team is immensely proud of their achievements. We congratulate them on their completion and wish them every success!