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1 Semester – Thesis Development 1


The thesis project is developed over the course three semesters and will reach its final form in the third semester. It includes a theoretical component (written thesis), a practical component (design artefact) and the presentation of both in an exhibition.

The Thesis Development 1 module in the first semester focuses on defining the master project in terms of topic, scope and approach. This includes sessions on design research, academic writing, literature and project reviews, empirical work and design explorations. The result of the first semester is a disposition for the thesis project.

Additional to this module, each students will be assigned a personal mentor for the thesis project who can be consulted for mentoring sessions throughout the semester. The mentors will guide the projects and students closely and will help the students to develop their individual projects further, formulate research questions as well as suitable methodologies and approaches. Depending on the type of project, external mentors can be assigned to the individual projects.

Lecturers: Prof. Dr. Karmen Franinovic, Max Rheiner, Dr. Joelle Bitton, Dr. Roman Kirschner

1 Semester – Thesis Development 1