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Antoine Bertin

Antoine Bertin


Antoine Bertin is an artist working at the intersection of science and sensory immersion, field recording and sound storytelling, data and music composition. His creations take the form of listening experiences, immersive moments and audio meditations exploring and sculpting relationships with the living world. His work has been presented at Tate Britain, Palais de Tokyo, Serpentine Gallery, KIKK festival, CCCB Barcelona, Dutch Design Week, Dakar Biennale, 104 Paris, Centre Wallonie Bruxelles, with Google Arts & Culture and the Centre Pompidou. Antoine has received the Act Award from STRP festival in 2020 for his work Species Counterpoint, and the Sferik Art in Nature award in 2023. He produces a quarterly show called “Edge of the Forest” on NTS radio, weaving together field recordings, data sonifications and science inspired contemplations.

Antoine’s research proposal, entitled Aquatic Conversations, explores the significance of digital acoustics in augmenting the sense of hearing, sculpting relations between humans and aquatic beings, and extending understanding of marine ecosystems. At the intersection of telemetry and machine learning, artificial listening facilitates the search for architectures in the communications of aquatic species. As humans seek to decipher the vocalisations of other beings, and engage in conversations with forms of intelligences different than their own, the research delves into the opportunities and uncertainties of developing new interspecies relations through sound in the ocean. Alongside examining the historical context of human-marine interactions, Aquatic Conversations proposes methods for listening-driven underwater field research and digital acoustic based interaction design. Ultimately, the project aims to design interfaces that explores possible conversations between humans and the marine ecosystems, fostering sustainable relationships and ecological commitment.